Endowed with its long and rich experience in the field of telecommunications, namely:

        • The Integration of Telecom Solutions,
        • Drive Test Radio Measurements,
        • The Installation & Maintenance of Repeaters.

Known by its pledge to comply with Quality, Safety and Environmental requirements, GET Wireless has surrounded itself with all the factors allowing it not only to give full Satisfaction to its Customers, its Employees and the other interested parties but also to be The Leader on the Local as on the regional market.


At GET Wireless, we strongly believe in friendliness in the workplace and in our relationship with our customers. We have created a positive work environment that is encouraging, enthusiastic and motivating for our team. This approach removes barriers and allows our customers and partners to enjoy the GET Wireless experience.


In this perspective, GET Wireless Company has set up a Quality, Safety and Environmental Integrated Management System according to the standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018.


Hence, we, the undersigned CEO and The General Manager of GET Wireless, are committed to implement a policy based on:



        •  The principles of compliance with its customers’ requirements, applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to Environmental aspects (environmental protection) and to Occupational Health and Safety risks (prevention of bodily injuries and trauma and work-related pathologies),
        • Workers’ consultation and involvement,
        • Continuous improvement.
    • While aiming at:

         1.      Measuring and increasing our customers’ satisfaction and ensure that their requirements are met,

         2.      Measuring and increasing our employees’ satisfaction and ensure that their requirements are met,

3.      Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of IMS processes,

4.      Squeezing costs and optimizing resources,

5.      Skills development knowledge mastery necessary for an effective implementation of the processes,

6.      Ensuring better management of the waste generated by our activity and optimizing the use of natural resources,

7.      Promoting a healthy workplace by reducing the risks associated with our activities,

8.      Promoting actions favoring the development of export activities, especially the African market.


In order to succeed this process, we are committed to:

        • Provide all the resources and skills necessary to achieve the objectives that all staff is required to apply,
        • Constantly assess, along with my collaborators, the effectiveness of our Integrated Management System through the management reviews and the objectives assessments, audit results and any other improvement action or opportunity,
        • Provide safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of trauma and pathologies,
        • The consultation and involvement of workers and, where they exist, workers’ representatives.


Therefore, we ask all staff to demonstrate responsiveness, dedication and responsibility.


General Manager

Oussama ALIBI



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