For Regulators

Central EIR

The main functionality of the Central Equipment Identity Register (CEIR) application for IMEI is the registration of telecommunication devices, using the IMEI as a unique identifier.

Mobile Number Portability

The introduction of number portability is an important step in the liberalization of telecommunications markets. The number portability enables subscribers to retain a telephone number when changing their network or service provider.

National Numbering Management

With the ongoing liberalization of the Telco market regulators have been confronted with new challenges regarding number management. Our solution allows our customers to better manage the processes dealing with the national numbering plan.

Fraud & Simbox Detection

Bypass and SIM Box fraud continue to cause huge financial damage to telecoms. Our solution allows regulators to identify and locate fraud in networks at a fraction of the time required by any other company.

Telco Tariff Simulator

Automated Real-Time Test Call Generation to protect revenues and margins through automated and manual test call/event solutions, billing verification and assuring a quality customer experience.

Benchmarking Mobile Networks QoS

We provide wireless network benchmarking, analysis and testing. We measure and evaluate network performance by conducting controlled, scientific tests combined with consumer research. We test indoors, outdoors, at venues, on roads – everywhere consumers use their device, everywhere consumers live, work and play.

Radio Frequency Spectrum Management

The Radio Frequency Spectrum Management is the analytical, procedural, and policy approach to planning and managing the use of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Simulate Exposure to electromagnetic

As per Electromagnetic Fields (EMF), we can offer a computer-based EMF simulation, prediction and exposure distribution to stakeholders that control human exposure to EMF such as national regulators, operators, and municipalities, through the analysis of single transmitter sites and entire radio networks.

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