Business Context – 5G. It’s Going To Change Everything

Speed. Capacity. Opportunity. 5G is going to change everything. For Telcos, this opportunity creates exciting possibilities, but monetizing 5G will require new digital capabilities. Uncover how innovative thinking powered by modern technology is the only way to deliver on the potential of 5G.


Bridging the Digital Divide

Communications service providers (CSPs) today face challenges from a wide and varied set of competitors, including other CSPs and web-scale service providers, such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and many others. This shakeup in the communications landscape has necessitated big changes on the part of CSPs, including major steps toward revamping their network and services as well as their business models and, perhaps most importantly, their relationships with an increasingly mobile and discerning customer base.

As traditional business models and boundaries collapse, CSPs are no longer in the driver’s seat of value creation, which means they need to evolve to become true enablers of services.

The transformation into a digital service provider (DSP) will not happen evenly across all dimensions in CSP businesses. Service providers must transition from physical to digital products and services but will need to have a clear long-term vision for their businesses. For example, they’ll need to evolve their infrastructure to provide connectivity and services for machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. As such, successful DSPs will also create new service models in partnership with third-party vendors, such as over-the-top (OTT) content providers. A service provider that can successfully manage partners will be able to maximize its revenue potential across the digital value chain, regardless of where services originate and how those services are delivered to customers.

The transformation from a CSP into a DSP requires business, cultural and technological changes that drive unprecedented levels of business focus and operational efficiency across the organization.  Beyond the impact on individual service providers, changing an industry that has operated successfully for more than a century is no small task.

The role of a digital service provider (DSP) is decidedly different than that of a traditional communications service provider (CSP). Moving up the value chain to deliver comprehensive end-to-end digital services to businesses and consumers requires a technological, cultural and operational transformation that extends from the core of the network to the partners providing applications and content.

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